Noah Scalin



We are excited to present the artist who wrote the book on design activism, literally. Do yourself a favor and grab yourself a copy. His work will leave you speechless so it’a good thing his work speaks for itself.

 He calls the above piece Pulse. Here is how he describes it in his own words:

 ” These are effigies of guns created from common household matches. They are lit on fire and the resulting image is captured in carbon, like the permanent shadows that remained after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I wanted to talk about gun violence in America, but the incendiary responses on both sides of the issue have make it extremely difficult to have thoughtful discussions about how to move forward. “

 Be sure and visit his website to see what all he’s up to as he is also an author, speaker, owner of Another Limited Rebellion, creator of Skull-A-Day, and most currently the leader of the collaborative science fiction universe & performance art project League of Space Pirates.